Nana Ama McBrown reveals drinking her daughter Baby Maxin’s urine to save her life

January 12, 2021

She said this happened in Canada when she gave birth to the daughter - McBrown said she drank the urine in accordance with the myth that if one does not drink the first urine of her child after birth, she would die - The actress said she desperately wanted to save her daughter’s life, being the only child she has now.

McBrown said she had to do that because the child had stuck her hand into a cake, and to stop her from soling her dress, she moved to lick her hands. After that, the actress said she noticed that the cake had smeared all over Baby Maxin’s mouth. A reason she had to kiss and lick her lips as well. She once revealed her readiness to close down any school that allows its teacher to beat her daughter. Meanwhile, McBrown has been in the news for saying that she is scared of getting divorced.

She said anytime that idea rings in her head, she gets afraid and confused. The actress added that looking at how the marriage of some celebrities crushed, she fears that can happen to her too because she is a human being.

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Source: yen

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