Minnet De Barber: The female barber making the profession attractive with her unique designs

February 3, 2021

Ghanaian female barber, Grace Minnet, a former student of Benkum Senior High School, has made inroads in a career stereotypically seen as a male dominated field. Professionally known as Minnet the Barber, the adventurous lady has defeated the odds and is excelling as a barber, despite the impediments women in the field face.The 25-year-old's career trajectory began after she completed senior high school in 2010.

Two years after working as a professional hairstylist, she decided to become a professional barber, understudying a colleague for six months to perfect the craft. Minnet attributes her quest to pursue a career as a barber to the lack of balance in the barbering profession, which inspired her decision to fill the gap. Originally, Minnet is a business student from Benkum Senior High School, and that knowledge has also come in handy as a barber.

When asked how she's able to skillfully design the hair of her clients, the multi-talented Minnet revealed she loves arts. ''I like to do artwork, so drawing and designing are very easy for me,'' she told YouTuber Nii Ayi in an interview. Minnet believes she's the best female barber in Ghana because of her unique artworks, designs, and her three years of working experience.

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Source: yen

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