Kotoko players have disgraced Ghana to the world – Yahaya Mohammed

January 6, 2021

News broke in the morning of Tuesday, January 5 that the players of Asante Kotoko had refused to train until owed per diems are paid.

The happening has sharply divided opinion across the football terrain and Yahaya Mohammed has not hesitated in airing his views as well.

Yahaya Mohammed believes although the players are right to demand what is due them, they shouldn’t have carried on with the act while representing Ghana Football and club’s interest abroad.

He believes this will even affect the team psychologically when they take to the field tomorrow to play Al Hilal.


“It will affect them because football is now scientific. the least mistake made will affect you if you are not strong psychologically,” he noted.

“What they have done has brought is disgraceful to Ghana football and the entire Kotoko team. They have every right to demand their money but not at this point in time. It should not be outside the country. They are there to serve Ghana and not Kotoko alone.

“So if anything negative thing appears on the internet, it affects Ghana football,” he concluded.

Yahaya Mohammed has suggested that the players could have chosen to do what they did in a local premier league game and not on an international stage.


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Source: ghbase.com

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