Joey B shares a sizzling life story about Kofi Mole

January 14, 2021

Ghanaian hip-hop artiste, Joey B has shared a sizzling story about how he met rapper Kofi Mole for the first time.

Joey B told Kwaku Manu in an interview that Kofi Mole was a second-hand clothes dealer at Kantamanto when he saw him for the first time.

The ‘Tonga’ hitmaker revealed he used to buy a lot of clothes, caps and other items from the shop where Mole was a salesperson.

He recalled the caps used for promoting his ‘Strawberry Ginger’ song was sold to him by Kofi Mole.


As a regular customer, Joey B said Kofi Mole told him one day that he knows him.

According to him, Mole disclosed that he was a musician after he recognized him as one.

However, Joey B indicated that he didn’t take him seriously because he [Mole] was young at that time.

He also mentioned how a brother of Kofi Mole commented about his regular visit to the shop—and he replied that it will get to a time he won’t patronize items from Kanta again.

After Kofi Mole released his ‘Mensah’ song, Joey B said he looked familiar but he wasn’t able to recall where he knows him at a sight until later on which gave him goosebumps.

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