“I Can’t Kill Fameye” – Ogidi Brown Explains Why He Dragged Fameye To Antoa Shrine

January 4, 2021

Ogidi Brown has given a detailed account on what triggered his feud with his former signee Fameye and attempts to curse him with the god of Antoa.

According to Ogidi Brown in an interview on Akoma FM, his issue with Fameye started last year but his lawyers handling it was acting unserious so he let go of his issue with Fameye.

Ogidi Brown stated that although he wanted to let go of Fameye’s debt, he was getting pissed off by some acts of Fameye.

In the voice of Ogidi Brown, he decided to consult the lesser gods since mostly they are feared by many including Christians more than God and walked his talk as he visited the town of Antoa.

Surprisingly, Ogidi Brown revealed that he has never cursed anyone in his life and this claim led to the presenter asking him of the reason he signed his current signee, Cryme Officer, with a Schnapp and eggs.

Reacting to that, Ogidi Brown was trying to say he has seen a lot of betrayals and hence he wanted his signee to stay loyal.

The interview above comes after Ogidi Brown was spotted in a video bitterly lamenting how Fameye had used him and threatened to pay back by any means necessary

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Source: ghbase.com

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