Tamale SHS Grieves Achimota Schools Journey In The 2018 NSMQ

June 25, 2018

Veterans and two times champions of the national science and math quiz, Achimota School has been kicked out of this years, 2018 NSMQ contest. They were denied a slot in the quarter finals by the northern base Tamale SHS which came into the contest much stronger.

The two schools together with Apam SHS were featured in the 19th contest of the one-eight stage of the ongoing competition.

The contest ended with Tamale SHS tactfully securing a 48 points sweet-bitter-bile victory over highly tipped to win, Achimota school, in the tiebreaker round of the hottest contest so far.

According to many observers and sympathizers, interviewed by myshsrank.com, who were at the event premises to watch the proceedings, this is by far the most competitive and exciting contest to watch, while many of their supporters sat on tenterhooks during the final round.

Apam SHS

At the end of the first round, Achimota School had shown their prowess by leading with 18pts followed by Apam SHS with 15pts while Tamale SHS managed 14pts.

However, Tamale SHS staged a strong chase by securing 20pts to end the second round while Achimota school scored 21pts. And at this stage it was becoming clearer that the contest was going to be hard nut to crack for any of the schools who will have to win.

Tamale SHS

Interestingly, at the end of the third round, Tamale SHS took over lead on the scoreboard with 26pts as against Achimota School’s 23pts while Apam SHS trailed with 19pts. Howbeit with a two-point increase from their previous round score.

“This is a close contest which will be decided in the 5th and final round”. This were the words of the indefatigable quiz mistress Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufmann before the proceedings in the final round.

Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufmann

This is where the contest took a different and a more scaring turn; at the end of the entire five rounds Tamale SHS and Achimota School had a tie of 45pts while Apam garnered 35 points.

It’s a tie people! IT IS A TIE! this was the statement instantly posted by the official twitter handle of NSMQ which generated a lot of reactions from followers on twitter.

Achimota SHS

Then came a tiebreaker question which was wrongly answered by both School. Then another tiebreaker which still went wrongly answered as well.

At this point prayers, tensions and emotions were on high with victory and defeat a glaring probability to both schools.

Achimota SHS NSMQ

Then came the third and last tiebreaker which broke the hearts of Achimota School and its supporters.

Mohammed Yunus’ calculative answer for Tamale SHS won them the bragging right over Achimota School with 48pts.


Congratulations to all contestants from both schools, they indeed gave us a great show and one of a kind to watch and follow.

In fact, the 19th contest, in the one-eight stage will down in memory as one of the most competitive fixtures in the entire 2018 NSMQ contest.

You need to watch the repeat, seriously!


Source: News | myshsrank | Prosper Sosu

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