Adehye 17’ Visits Their Candidate’s As They Prepare for WASSCE 2019

March 13, 2019

On the 10th March 2019 the Adehyee (Old students) of Okuapemman School visits their candidates as they prepare for their upcoming WASSCE and gave them a peer-to-peer talk on how to obtain flying collars in their examination. As proud old student, they need to ensure that upcoming descendants from their alma mater also make history on the walls of our educational system.

 “Semper primus” as the motto says always the first motivated the 2017 year group to come on board to engage the candidates in a series of interaction as they prepare towards the WASSCE examination.

 They were supported by the 2002 year group who also played a remarkable role in the preparation of the candidates. They divided them into various classes and engaged them in an intensive tutorial section to teach them basic concepts in answering examination questions and the need to pass their examination.

A speech delivered by the policy instructor of the year group Daniel Kofi kyere Nkrumah, enthused the students as they heard some powerful things they needed to know as they prepare towards their final year exams.

He indicated what they have to do on the D-day of the examination and even after the paper. Impacting our generation is great and in their small means, they went to contribute their quota to their candidate’s.

The Headmaster and his assistant head were all there to support the event. He welcomed them and expressed his gratitude to them for coming to support them to make the candidates to sit-up as their exams approaches. He also stated that he will use the opportunity to officially invite them to their 62nd Speech and Prize giving day which will be held on 30th March 2019.

He urged the other year groups to do the same to help the school produce proud graduates. The students were excited and reporting to MYSHSRANK they considered it to be done on a yearly basis.

The year group through the policy instructor and the president submitted to the headmaster of the school some 10 proposals that if it’s employed in the school it will improve academic performance better than what we saw in the previous years.

1. To have a YouTube account for the school and a special website for the school. This is with the reason that the world has evolved to the IT stage and so the school needs to have these. The school does not have its anthem on you-tube or anywhere among other relevant stuff regarding the school unless via other media sites. It will even give this school source of income.

2. The school should streamline the math and science quiz and other academic competitions the school engages in. from us researches, it was found that the schools that excel in these competitions make the work of the teachers and the whole body of the school easy in making students excel because every student knows that per the positioning of the school, if I do not work hard, it will rather disgrace him or her personally and not the school. Thus, the authorities should contact the past students’ association to solely sponsor and treat these special among other means. The 2017-year group has a drafted plan of how to approach such competitions for the interest and success of the school therefore if accepted, we shall bring it on board.

3. The tutorial session with the form three students shall be expanded in the subsequent years to achieve further productive results.

4. The 2017-year group, as part of giving back to the school, also have a drafted plan on mentorship to the students that will be admitted into the school. Okuapemman School must move to the level of serving as a model to others. The mentorship is to have past students have assigned a student as a mentee and ensure that the student is excelling academically and having a better required regulated life.

5. There shall be an examination engine room of the school, which is the strong room of academics in the school. The workers of this room shall be appointed by the School authorities in consultation with the Academic Commission of the School. The members shall not be more than twenty. Also, every subject studied in the school shall have a representative among the members appointed. There shall also be an I.T. specialist as a member of the officers at this room. The functions of this room shall be the following:

(I) In charge of researching on matters relating to examinations. (II) Strategically educating students for the techniques for writing examinations. (III) Advising the teachers on examination matters and also how to teach for examination purposes. (IV) All examination papers to be written shall be kept by this room and shall be released within thirty minutes before the sitting of that specific paper. (V) All examination questions shall be printed, scanned, photocopied and edited by this room. (VI) Any other examination related matters and activities, including assisting the general teachers to train students not to be the only examination oriented minded. This was a discovery we made from some schools outside Ghana and adopted by some private schools in Ghana for their current academic successes.

6. Injecting into the academic lives of students, the habit of establishing a serious group studies with a maximum number of nine. This improves the acquired knowledge and understanding every student have acquired and it further eases the work of the teachers. There is an article attached to this particular point written by Daniel Kofi Kyere Nkrumah.

7. If feasible, the teachers should be having a mental drill on all the various subjects in the respective classes every morning before teaching commences on those subjects. This will place the students in the position to be up thinking and always taking what is being taught more serious and applying.

8. Students should be allowed to go for “mining,” which is after prep studies, but should be restructured in terms of the guaranteeing of such chances and the requirements.

9. There should be effective quiz or debate or such academic competitions between the various classes on the core and elective subjects. This will enable the various classes to understand how to apply their ability outside and whether they have actually understood the topics taught and also push the mates to study hard.

10. The school needs to move away from the total usage of the whiteboard in the various classrooms to the technological gadget system, which is the usage of projectors in the classrooms. This can be done by raising funds from the past students of the great school among other relevant NGOs. This will promote the visualization technique of studies, which is the most preferred way to keep memories intact of what is being studied.



Source: Bless Matey | myshsrank

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